PromptDialog: AI Assistants with A Few Clicks

Free Studio & DevOps for Rasa and LLMs (ChatGPT etc.)

on cloud or premises

  • Laws

    Answer all questions about housing laws and regulations.

  • Survey

    The fastest way to create a conversational bot is providing a GPT prompt.

  • Ollama - Github

    How to use Ollama.

  • Website Assistant

    PromptAI chatbot based on our website.

  • WHO Health Topic

    All WHO health topics.

  • ADHD

    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


Build Assistants Based On Your Own Data

If you have unstructured data that might be useful to answer customer questions, we provide one-click access to you data, indexed and queried by GPT technology.


Enable Complex Business Controls

Whether you want to collect information or prepare a third-party API call, our no-code flow editor allows you to implement complex business flows with fine grained controls.

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Provide All-in-one Platform

We provide All-in-one Devops: Design, develop and operate chatbots in one platform, on-premises or cloud.

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  • No code programming

    You can design a dialogue system directly without knowing programming. Our no-code editor allows you to implement complex information collection and/or business logics using fine-grained conditions. It provides automatically generated RASA codes for testing and deployment.
  • All-in-one DevOps

    Entities, intents, slots and dialog flows are fully displayed in the same integrated development environment (IDE). Different dialogue modules can be combined at will and released with one click. It provides Web/Mobile modes for publishing. Just copy a few lines of code to have the conversation capability in your applications.
  • Predefined components

    Provide various predefined entities and intents to facilitate rapid development. FAQ and unstructured enterprise content storted in word, pdf, and html can be directly leveraged through ChatGPT for question answering without annotation.
  • Fast debugging of dialog flows

    It is the first of its kind system that embeds software development process in dialogue system design/debugging. Each dialogue flow can be trained separately or jointly to facilitate testing and debugging.